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Mad Scientist

Player (8 Max)
Private Room

1 Hour | Maddeningly Moderate | 2-8 Players


  • $25


  • 1 Hour


An experiment gone wrong!

You are a team of investigators about to enter the secret laboratory of Dr. Gravemore that the CIA has just discovered. Dr. Gravemore was the Founder of Kentsworth Sanatorium located about an hour away from here in Detroit, MI. The Sanitarium was shut down and has been abandoned since the year 1967, no one has seen Dr. Gravemore since. We think the Dr. has come out of hiding and is performing his experiments again. It is your job to investigate his office and see what you can find but beware… you must be quick and think fast before he discovers you have entered his office and makes you his next victim.

Please remember to Arrive 15 minutes early for any booking.

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