Mad Scientist

Private Room

Mad Scientist

You must think fast! If Dr. Gravemore discovers you, your only goal will be survival!

An experiment gone wrong! You are a team of CIA investigators about to embark on the most dangerous mission of your careers. Dr. Killian Gravemore was the Head Neuroscientist of Kentsworth Sanatorium located in Detroit, MI. After numerous human experimentation allegations were made against the sanitarium in the late ’60s, it was shut down and abandoned likely to avoid a PR disaster. No one has seen Dr. Gravemore since then.

We believe we have located his secret laboratory. Even worse, we suspect that his experiments never stopped. We want to ensure that this heinous man lives out the rest of his days behind bars in Iron Gate Prison. It is your job to investigate his office and verify that our information is accurate to make this possible.

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