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​Pharaoh’s Curse

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Will this tomb house incredible riches, or will it hold unspeakable dangers?

Beware, the legend warns that those who enter cannot leave. You thought the Pharaoh’s Curse was a myth. You thought wrong.

Historians have been fruitless in solving the mysteries hidden deep within the tombs of the great Egyptian Kings. However, your rag-tag team of treasure hunters has stumbled upon obscured texts written by a shopkeeper intent on uncovering the secrets of the most mysterious tomb in Egypt. To most, this man’s writing appears to be that of a madman. Your team, having exhausted numerous dead ends, decides that this is the last path you take on this quest before abandoning it for good. To your dismay, when you arrive in town you learn that the shopkeeper went missing months ago. His shop has been closed ever since.

Your team is going to sneak in, search his shop, and utilize what you find to seize the untold fortune that is said to be within the tomb.

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your reservation.

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