Chesterfield Location Coming Soon! July 2017!

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The Game!

Escape Room-Zone is South East Michigan’s most intense and unique escape room experience. You and your team will have to navigate through a labyrinth of logical, physical, and investigative puzzles in order to find your way out. EscapeRoom-Zone is designed to provide a challenging and incredibly fun outlet for teams of all levels, but be warned, our rooms are highly realistic and are not for the faint of heart!

  • One Of The LARGEST Escape Rooms In The Country!

  • Can Serve Up To 100 People!

  • Up To 40 Players in ONE GAME!

Location | Farmington, MI

You’re driving home on a cold and rainy night when you stop at a familiar intersection…

Location | Farmington, MI

You are a team of investigators about to enter the secret office of Dr. Gravemore…

Location | Farmington, MI

You and your friends were busted robbing Rocking Solid Bank located right here in the same building as the prison. You are thrown in jail with no sign of early release …

Location | Farmington, MI

You have one job, go in, take the gold and get out! But it’s never that easy is it…


Location | Canton, MI

Gather your crew! The Grand Marcosa and her Captain are bearing down upon your ship…


Location | Waterford, MI

You’ve been abducted to an Alien Space Station! NASA is aware of the situation but can not help you…


Location | Farmington, MI
You traveled back in time to a Jurassic world in hopes of learning how the dinosaurs truly lived. Somehow the different eras of history have crossed one another and you discover things that should not be there. In order to make your way back home you must survive this environment think fast and uncover the secrets of the past.

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Coming Soon

We’re building this room right now! With lifelike exhibits that showcase Egypt, Dinosaurs and Ancient Artifacts you will be thrown into a real life Night at the Museum adventure.
This is a room that has a lot of versatility. We have different puzzles to suit different group needs and it large enough for a group of 30 players at a time.


Coming Soon

Michigan’s Largest Escape Room! This room can hold up to 40 people! Part of the group are white collar criminals that buy and sell ancient artifacts and artwork on the black market for big money and trade! The rest of the group are security protecting the artifacts and paintings racing to secure and save the items that the criminals are trying to get to for their own evil plans. This is high intensity and will require great teamwork for both the good guys and the bad guys. Race to be the victor and see who will win, the good guys or the criminals?



Location | Farmington, MI

As the last light fades from the sky behind the thin glass windows you and your group of fellow hostages realize this is your only opportunity to try and break free from your mysterious captor. Experience the very peak of adrenaline as you are and your friends are thrown into complete darkness with nothing but your wits and will to help you Escape…